Posted by: Shira Danin | October 25, 2009

My first update to the world

After spending 8 days in the hospital, and having no proper diagnosis, I wrote this update to my friends through facebook.

I find it interesting to read now, two years later, knowing what I have.

Also, I had two years of learning to cope.

I can’t say I have it (balance) down yet but i’ll get there.

The update:

“I am now at my parents’ house for 3 days now after getting out of Haddassah Ein Karem Hospital, which was my home for a week and a day. I came in with suspicion of Arthritis or some sort of joint infection, which there are about 200 types of…(chronic). I came out after a week of steroids in IV and lots of drugs that did absolutely nothing…

Things kept getting more and more painful until it was everything below the neck (especially the joints: hips, knees, ankles, and so on…).
Out of a 100 patients they can diagnose 95 with accuracy (they being…doctors in general and modern medicine) …I was an interesting case and in the 5% of the population where they sorta guess…or estimate would be a nicer word.
So the doctors said I was actually a pretty healthy young woman…but my so called diagnosis was: I am overly flexive and have a little irregular Fibromyalgia and I am sensitive to excessive physical efforts and i probably had a small infection or virus when this whole thing started about 3.5 months ago in my left hip joint…since then apparently it has been a big snow ball that led to my hospitalization. So they say I’m healthy…
Now I am staying at my parents’ house…away from most of my friends who are now in Beer Sheva and some scattered around the country… this has driven me to finally join Face book and for the Israelis of you The Marker Café. I am at my parents house because I am not fully functional, still a lot of pain in my legs and hands but the only thing left for me to do to help myself is intensive physicaltherapy everyday until I get my basic functions back and then I’m back to Beer Sheva…. i hope that day comes soon!Novemeber 5th 2007:
I’m feeling better…a lot of the pain has knee is still week but only in it’s elastic band when i walk a lot or do Physicaltherapy. My hips still act up whenever i sit for too long in a 90 deg angle and even a little more than that and my elbows also can’t tolerate too much effort yet…
but i’m getting better and enjoying getting my physical independance back and hopefully will be back in my home in Beer Sheva with my cats and friends by this weekend (nov 10th)…
November 9th
Already home, third day here.. in beer sheva. my little cat sony is still nowhere to be found..israelis in the area welcome to help look…
still doing physicaltherapy hoping for the pain and sensetivity to improve…

the pic is of me getting a whole body CT the day before i got out
My missing kitty Sony… “
End of note
I also think it’s kind of funny (in a sad way) that at the time, I thought I would get rid of the pain for good at some point…
hmmm, boy was I wrong:)
but it’s ok.
I now have a wonderful boyfriend who is very supportive.
I’ll probably write about him later.
Have and easy weekend my Fibro Friends (and their friends)

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