Posted by: Shira Danin | October 25, 2009

Gentle Fist Bump

My home here in Student town, Beer Sheva is known as a hangout place.

When people come here for the first time they always say how calming and chilled out this place is.

I love that. I love hosting and entertaining friends.

Because of the Fibro it’s also a lot easier and more convenient to hang out with friends at my place:

I have my comfortable couch (my little living room nest).

My house is on the ground floor so no stairs to climb (in Beer Sheva there are almost always stairs).

And, I don’t like leaving my cats for too long.

I’ve been a student here for 5 years and I’m starting the 6th and final one.

We have a lot of fun and laugh a lot. All the regular visitors to my house know what my limitations are, they know when I need help and when I just need to laugh.

Since I went to Thailand and Laos a year ago, me and my friend started using the “blank (high) five” (as used by the Todd in Scrubs – “Big Boobs five” for example).

We spread the high five habit to all my friends.

I think it’s a kind of way to look at the smallest things as positive. It gives me a happy optimistic feeling with my friends.

Since the Fibro flared up again shortly after the trip I quickly realized that it was too painful to do the “full palm high five”.

And here comes the subject of the post:


A gentle fist bump is similar to the known fist bump as seen in the picture.


The differences are:

The hand isn’t tightly in a fist but loosely closed as shown in this pic.


When doing the bump it’s the gentlest softest touching of knuckles. Sometimes we don’t even really bump when my skin is too sensitive.

It feels very good that my friends are going along with this and supporting me.

Whenever we Gentle Fist Bump, it always makes me laugh and happy.

Even though we had to switch to this method of expressing mutual satisfaction from a certain mini-event of life, I am still happy that I can keep sharing my happiness and not feel too handicapped with my friends.

I wouldn’t be the same without my wonderful friends and they deserve the credit:

Ella, Rena, Stas (a.k.a doctor) and of course my special man, Tomer

Thank you!



  1. Dear Shira, can I ask you where you got that “known fist bump” image? Can I use it or is it copyrighted?

    • i just googled images fist bump…

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