Posted by: Shira Danin | October 25, 2009

School at last?

Today is the second time it happened.

Yesterday and today I managed to gather my strength, put on my bandages, pack my electric heating pillow and wobble on with the speed of a tired turtle to my classes. It is quite a shame the teachers couldn’t arrive.

It’s even more of a shame they couldn’t manage to let us know there is no class.

The only message we did get through the grapevine arrived 5 minutes before the class was scheduled to start. Not really en efficient “heads up”. (No chance to avoid coming to the classroom)

Since this is the beginning of my 6th year in Beer Sheva and the University, I remember such problems arising in the first two weeks of the semester. They usually do announce, but it’s usually the same story.

Further to my previous post about “letting go”, I decided not to get upset from the teacher’s absenteeism.  I’m leaving dealing with the “start of the year” problems to our active student body and the students holding more energy than me.

The majority of students I knew from previous years have already graduated.

Very few familiar faces are left in the university scenery and classes.

Nevertheless, I discovered something nice, which took me a while to understand. There are people who don’t respond or comment on my blogs, and with whom I do not have daily contact, that do follow my blogs and my state of mind (&body).

It’s nice because it saves me having to explain over and over about my condition.

Even more than that, it feels good knowing that others are interested in my pain status, that they learn about the Fibromyalgia world through my personal experience, and mostly, that they enjoy reading my writings.

So for whoever asked me how I was feeling today, and I said “shitty” (or “not so well’):

That may be true, but I’m also a little happier, because it makes me happy to share, knowing someone on the other side of the screen is reading.


p.s. Do my knees look weird to anyone?

Some say they are oddly shaped, kinda sticking out more than normal (it might be “helping” the pain 😦 )



  1. Hey, Why don’t the teachers show up for class??? That’s no good. You get a refund of your tuition???

    I love the way you write, and what you have to say: You are either the master of understatement, or really taking all this is stride, or are super spectacular at masking and putting on a good front! I suspect all of the above?

    I’m in Portland, Oregon, USA. They call this the City of Roses, but I’d suggest either raindrops or rainbows… It rains here most of the winter, and the gray drizzly days have started. My body hates these days, so here I sit. Ouch.
    Why do I stay here? I have no idea. Probably because the thought of moving is just too much.

    I did what to let you know, though, that I do enjoy your writing, and admire your tenacity and grit. Hang in there, Kiddo!

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