Posted by: Shira Danin | October 31, 2009

Just Tired

With all my entrance into the world of fibro…in full power, on blogs my blogs and groups and support groups…I’m starting to feel like a spokesperson for the Fibroites community.

I don’t mind being a spokesperson and I even think it is good for me.

So what makes me tired?

The fact that at any given moment in life, I am obligated to think about fibro and take her into consideration, makes me tired.

When I walk in the university, I plan my (slow) walking path; I have to choose the most essential things I need to do and organize them in the most efficient way so I minimize my walking.

Ben Gurion University is not the biggest, surface and distance between buildings wise. For me it feels huge. Every journey between one building to the next is becomes a challenging task.

This year I asked the Uni for some help during the tests. I asked so I could complete my tests as any other student and not have to fight with Fibro for every word I need to write.

I wrote a letter and added all the appropriate doctor notes and tests that confirm I have Fibro.

Obviously the doctor in charge of authorizing different types of helps for students doesn’t know much about fibro.

I got extended time for each test.

It might not have been clear, but giving me more time is meaningless and is even a punishment for me.

Sitting and writing are both hell for me, so doing it for longer doesn’t help. The problem is with writing. Using a pen for me is one of the biggest nightmares. Even filling out forms or signing a credit card receipt is torture.

Now I’m going to ask them to let me use a laptop to solve the tests. I hope they understand me and help me.

It is very tiring to explain my life with fibro to someone who knows nothing about it and whose help I really need.

It’s Just Tiring!

And now for something completely different:

I just talked with Tomer about an insight I had, whether it’s funny or weird I haven’t decided yet. When I look at people around me or on TV, I get this funny thought (conscious or not): “doesn’t she hurt when sitting like that (legs crossed)?, isn’t it hard for him to hold the microphone and candle?”. I find this funny since most people don’t really feel challenged sitting like that or holding this or walking for more than five minutes…

Maybe it’s a type of concern for others..

Maybe a way of projecting my life on other people..

Maybe it’s jealousy?

Unclear, but definitely  intriguing to think about it.

And for today’s humor spot:

Next to the cash register, where we were shopping for new shades, were products for cleaning glasses.

One of them had a slightly odd name:


I couldn’t stop laughing, and told the clerk that I get it for free at home (when she offered this to us for a discounted price).

And me with my new shades, “surprisingly” they are turquoise (my favorite color).

new shades



  1. love the glasses!!!!!!!!!!!
    so how is this cat crap supposed to work??? like you, i have plenty here and maybe i can start marketing it here…..haha 🙂

  2. I know, if this cat crap thing works…i could be rich 🙂

  3. I know exactly what you mean when you look at others and wonder…

    I find myself looking about at others and wonder… what’s it like to be able to do THAT and not hurt?

    I also am captivated by my searing pain in body parts that look so completely normal. How can something that LOOKS so normal HURT so much? I find this amazing, and it does help a little to understand those around me who have trouble understanding how difficult life is. If I have trouble with it, it follows that others would also!

    AND, when you find the market for the cat crap, please post it! It could really help with the cash flow problem around here!

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