Posted by: Shira Danin | November 5, 2009

Finally, the Weekend

I haven’t written since Saturday.

It’s weird; it feels like I haven’t written for months.

It was a hard week. And yesterday was exceptionally hard.

7 hours in the university.

I didn’t eat lunch because I couldn’t decide what I wanted. I did want something healthy and the really healthy things were too far from my class room. (Too far for me to walk). This just added to my sadness/gloominess/anger. The fibro kept me from being able to feed myself.

The last three hours of the day I sat in a class frozen with an industrial Air Conditioner.

Everyone suffered from the excessive cooling but I had a unique suffering.

I felt the pain radiating from inside my bones all the way out and through my skin.

Cold doesn’t go well with Fibro fun.

Due to my suffering, I spent an hour in class on the verge of tears.

After 15 minutes of walking (which normally takes 3 minutes) I got to my car. I sat in my car and cried.

Then I got home; I cried and screamed some more.

I had half an hour to change clothes and bandages and go to my Fibrogym class.

I was still on verge of crying and broke out weeping in the reception (in the Fibrogym).

The secretary didn’t do anything wrong. I just couldn’t handle communicating and hearing “you’re too young to feel like shit” (really!, thanks for the update).

Only during exercising, I got my smile back thanks to my fibro friends’ understanding. I felt I wasn’t alone even though I couldn’t do everything like everyone else. There was stuff I couldn’t do , but I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t, so I really wasn’t alone.

On the way back I was on the phone with Tomer. I started getting teary again from my frustrations. He is supportive, relaxing and loving as usual. Lucky me!

He got me a cooking book for Fibromyalgia and two cute and funny magnets (the magnets are in the picture below)

On another note, Tomer also got into health mode and is glad I make all healthy food. I enjoy cooking for both of us especially when it involves more veggies and less pasta (white flour is out completely).


In addition to the magnets there’s our Guitar Hero band name and my new motto in life (on my prettiest bandage) – FIBRO FUN!


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