Posted by: Shira Danin | November 13, 2009

School and what else?

I sat this week in a lecture by the CMO (Marketing executive) for Aroma, organized by the School of Management in Ben Gurion University. Aroma is like the Israeli Star Bucks I guess.

It was very interesting, and I’m glad I had the chance to be there. The first Aroma was in Jerusalem. I grew up with it and it is fascinating to see how big they got and the sophistication that goes into managing the chain.

I was impressed to learn 20% of the Marketing budget goes to Social Responsibility activities. I think that’s cool!

What was really cool, because the lecture was the same topic as the following class, we stayed in the same hall for the class, and finished an hour early. It made my 7 hour day into a 6 hour day. It also made it easy because I didn’t have to walk all the way to the other side of the university. Because I had an easier day at school I could do a little more in my fibrogym lesson.

Every class I take I have a paper or papers to write with other people. There’s a lot of info to keep in my head and process, so I feel I need to focus on school this year.

Then I wonder what else I have room for in my life.

Twice a week I go to my fibrogym classes (exercise fitted to Fibro sufferers, a lot of stretching and no pushing ourselves).

I thought of going once every two weeks to a support group I found here in the neighborhood. After the second time there I realized it wasn’t for me. There were very nice ladies there. The point of the group is to learn to manage emotions.

I realized this week that the point is to let the feelings out and not keep things inside. Which I think is important to learn for those who don’t know how to. If you keep the anger and sorrow bottled up it can go straight to where the body is weak. (for me it’s in the joints).

Lucky for me I was raised to “talk about everything”.

I felt that because I already let out and talk about my feelings with my family, friends, here in the blog, I didn’t have enough strength to let it out there as well. Plus I don’t think I really needed to.

There are women there that I think it helps and is important for them. For me it just felt like I have to carry more pain and suffering of others. Since it’s challenging enough carrying my pain around, I felt it was too much for me to sit for an hour and a half and listen.

When I want to hear others sharing their feelings of similar pain, I got to fibro groups on facebook, and read my friends’ blogs. This way I can control what I take in. I find it much more convenient.

So I’m not going to go again.

Because the level of pain is a little high for reasonable functioning for my taste, I decided the time has arrived to start getting alternative treatments again.

I tried one acupuncturist lady that was very popular among my fibrogym group. I didn’t connect with her. She was into giving one type of treatment, once, until I want more. I feel I may need a series of treatments.

I’ll try hydrotherapy, soon I hope. And I might go back to my acupuncturist/shiatsu guy from last year.

I’m in the process of changing the pills I take. No side effects so far. I hope it has a good effect on me soon.

In addition, I realized that with school now, I don’t really have enough strength to write whole posts in the middle of the week. If I do have strength it’s on Thursday or Friday.

I did recall a post I wrote about writing 5 things that make me happy during a day. So I will try to write just the five things that made me happy. Such things as what I wrote in the beginning of the post about the change of classroom that made my day significantly easier.

And for today’s picture, for those who don’t know it yet. On the right, myself in a picture that got my brother, Barak, first prize in a photography competition. On the left, our recreation of it from the beginning of this year; 19 years had passed, hard to believe!

New Picture (2)



  1. WOW LOVE THE PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks lynn

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