Posted by: Shira Danin | December 14, 2009

In my body

As I wrote in my previous post, over two weeks ago, I made appointments and went to two Watsu and two shiatsu/acupuncture treatments.

I got the name for my post from the new watsu treatments I am receiving.  There still isn’t a noticeable change but I didn’t expect one. I know it takes time.

After the last treatment I talked with Ohad (the Watsu guy) and we talked about how I feel during the treatment.

There is no doubt that it relaxes the body and relieves all the joints and bones. During the entire hour I am quiet, with my eyes closed and my body loose (as much as possible).

And the real question was, where is my head? What do I think about?

My answer was “in my body”. I am totally in tune with my body.

I enjoyed the release and relief. I felt good with how my legs moved against the water.

When I danced before the army we learned how to loosen up and release targeted areas in our body on request with breathing.

Ohad said that during the entire treatment I breathed deep and released my neck and shoulders. Since that is where he holds me most of the treatment that is the first place that tenses up and the first I have to release.

It is a skill not many people have. I noticed that when before the fibro I would give people massages.  I would try to explain to them how to release and loosen up their shoulders or hand or leg or back, and it is just hard to explain and apparently is hard to do.

So I’m glad for that time in my life when I danced because it made me connect very strongly with my body.

What I strive to experience further on during the treatments in water is to disconnect from my body. It would be nice to be free, even momentarily, from this aching body. A body I both love and hate at the same time.

This past weekend Tomer came over with a new game for the playstation: Band Hero/

Another awesome game to play together like a band: drums guitar bass and microphone. This time the disc is really good with loads of cool known songs so the entire weekend we played and sang (I really lost my voice but it was worth it).

For a few weeks now I’ve been feeling more and more stressed. Everything stresses me out and I find it hard to deal with the different factors in my life, it’s hard to do what I’m supposed to. I feel obligated to different study groups in school (one in every course) and I worry all the time that I won’t be able to do my part because of the pain. Or I feel bad that I can’t work the same amount of time as the others. I even get stressed from knowing I have food in the fridge , that I won’t manage to eat before it goes bad.

In order to deal with the different things I have to do and the stress they cause, I am now trying to make a list, update it and do what it says. The problem is I think I forgot most of the things I wanted to do the last few weeks. I hope I feel better soon.

In the picture me lighting the Menorah (Hanukiah) which I made from scraps found in a nearby construction site:


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