Posted by: Shira Danin | March 8, 2010


After my previous post, almost two weeks ago, I started writing the story of my life as a student with Fibromyalgia. I was writing for the “website for the Fibro and CFS Challenged”. Yesterday I finally finished. Apparently I had a lot to write. I wrote 5 pages.

It was an interesting experience to write while sort of addressing other fibro sufferers. The intent was to allow students with fibromyalgia to learn from my coping strategies. Dealing with the writing was a challenge in itself. I had a lot to say about a variety of issues regarding student life with fibro. On the other hand, I found it difficult to write more than two or three paragraphs at a time. After a week and a half I was going crazy and wanted to finish writing so badly that I overdid it and Tomer had to remind me to rest.

As soon as the piece I wrote is published I’ll put a link here, and I’m hoping to translate it and publish it here as well.

Since I have to rest quite a lot I get to see plenty of TV. I watch a lot of Discovery and National Geographic. There is an impressive amount of fascinating shows on a variety of topics. Each show makes me think. The nature and wild animals’ shows make me have weird dreams at night and the shows about relationships and procreation make me think of the future.

Sometimes I feel like I’m experiencing the world through the screen in my living room. It is unfortunate. I would have preferred having the strength to experience the world by walking through it. I’m not really home all day, but practically. In purim (Israeli equivalent of Halloween) I went out to a bar without a costume. A friend of mine told me my costume was a normal student that gets out of the house. It’s funny but it’s sad.

On Saturday I decided to spoil Tomer and Ella and Daniel, a couple of friends of ours, and we had a Sushi party. It was really fun. It was great seeing Tomer make sushi for the first time. I even added a picture

Before the party we also had lunch together: Corn soup, Schnitzels, potatoes and salad.  It was really nice to cook. For the sushi I also made most of the preparations. I’m glad I was able to cook even though it hurt. I know that whether I can work or not, at least I can feed my family (and if I can’t Tomer makes great shakshuka – eggs with tomatoes). I make fun of Tomer, but I shouldn’t. He makes other great things and what he doesn’t know he loves to learn. We may cut the vegetables differently but it’s fun to cook together.

With the cats Tomer is great too. They are slowly opening up to him and he really connects with them. Cute Crowly we adopted together so of course Tomer is very loving and cuddling to him but it’s important to me that he loves and “adopts” the other ones. Hamuda (second out of 4) is back to her old spoiled self and realized she can get warmth and petting from him as well. Crush (the first in the series) is a free spirit, so he’s outside a lot, but he also comes to cuddle and sometimes even to sleep between Tomer and I at night. The only one left is Shanty, the third arrival. Tomer finds it hard to believe that Shanty will ever get accustomed to his presence because he is quite the scaredy cat. On the other hand, I know that shanty is addicted to cuddling and petting so I’m certain he will come around.

Tomer and Hamuda Bonding

The second semester started. The last semester. I have one mandatory course, one elective, a mini seminar and part B of the Final Project.

I know I can finish this, and even in a nice way. One last push to release myself from this final definition in the series of readymade definitions we get from childhood: student in schoo, soldier, student in university. After all this, I will be just a woman. I am so happy. And for the final count update: another 145 days till graduation and moving apartment.



  1. Hi Shira
    You talk about your fibro, but your description of your activity level sounds more like my CFS (CFS and fibro are related).
    Are you interested in comparing lists of coping strategies? Despite having CFS, I’ve been able to hold down a fulltime job( w/ boss from heck) plus work a psychic home-business and renn faires on the weekends, plus do multiple crafts, write a book, teach classes and an assortment of other activities .
    I might have some info you could use….

  2. This was good, you picked on Tomar a little, no wonder he gives you trouble, maybe I need to start taking up for him, Just joking. Shira you are amazing and truly a great inspiration. You have shown me not to allow Fibro to stop me. I don’t want to stop. I just pray if and when I do have my surgery, that nothing goes wrong! Thanks for being a great friend.


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