Posted by: Shira Danin | March 13, 2010

Being a Student with Fibromyalgia – Part 4

If you got here before reading parts 1-3 you can click here and start at part 1

So what I learned to be most important is asking for help when you need it. There are people whose job it is to help. When you explain calmly and from the heart how hard it is, they just want to help. It is big reliefs to have someone want to help when you feel the pressure and stress of the exams pushing down on every joint in the body.

Even with the computer I suffer from a lot of pain during the test: the computer is on a desk and not on my legs so I have to lift my hands, and I have to sit at a 90 degree angle. The classes during the semester are hard for the same reasons.

My way of coping with the pain is stretching and deep breaths. I stretch my hands and back every ten minutes. And every few minutes I would take some deep breaths. During lessons I also get up every 15 min for about 10 minutes, that way I can move and stretch my legs and knees.

After my latest flare up in the summer I went back to getting shiatsu and acupuncture, I went back to my therapist and I started going to Watsu treatments with Ohad Drori at a place outside beer sheva. The treatments in the water taught my body a new kind of calmness. A calmness I haven’t felt in years. Sadly sometimes my body is so sensitive that even in the heated water I’m cold and in pain. But together with Ohad I’m learning to work my body in the water and deal with the cold.

I tried a few pills that were supposed to help with the fibro (usually some kind of anti depressant that are supposed to help with the fibro pain as well) and different pain killers. Till now I didn’t feel much effect from the pain killers and fibro pills, they didn’t help. The only pill I take is Elatrol (Amitriptyline HCI) and that is because it helps me sleep soundly through the night. If I don’t sleep well my body doesn’t get a chance to rebuild itself and recuperate from the hard day it went through.

Good sleep is vital to coping with Fibromyalgia!!

With all the challenges and difficulties I went through and still do, I never let the thought of leaving school stay in my head for more than a moment. I already invested so much time and energy in school. My family and friends have helped so much and supported me through all of it. They still do. I feel I’m not alone. I have someone to turn to.

Not always. Sometimes I just need to be with myself and sink inside my head. But when I am ready to come out, there’s someone there.  This support is Priceless. When I look back, if I hadn’t talked, if I hadn’t shared my feelings and my pain, they would not know, and I would be alone!

Me and my understanding mom

This “Fibromyalgia Syndrome” makes you feel so isolated; it is so hard to explain this life when everything looks normal on the outside. There is such a strong ALONE feeling that you just have to find an outlet for all your thoughts, feelings and tears. You just can’t life with this alone. (or at least I can’t)

And you can’t give up: the years since I got my fibro may have been extremely hard but I learned so much about myself and others. I had fun new experiences and I got to travel and meet new people. So it was hard but it was also a lot of good. I’m very happy about the years and experience that passed, and that I didn’t give in and sink. I kept living and I managed to meet the love of my life. If I hadn’t insisted on “living” this life and not sinking into the pain, I don’t know if I would have met Tomer and I really don’t know if we would have fallen in love. So it’s all for the best, I am who I am, with the pain and the laughter and the crying.

Thank you for reading my story!

I invite you , my fellow fibro friends to share this story with your friends and family and hopefully it will help them understand.

Also, I would love to hear what you think or feel

With love,




  1. I’m so happy I stumbled on this from Twitter. I FINALLY met another student with fibro. We cling to eachother. Only fibromites can understand the sheer frustration caused by the pain. As we speak, I’m in bed feeling like a bus ran me over!

    Thank God for Internet.

    I’m just a little Black girl from the US and I feel a kinship with you all the way in Israel. Amazing.

    Be blessed in your travels!

    ps: not sure if it’s sold overthere, but TheraFlu Warming cough medicine helps knock out the lingering aches. The active ingredient is Tylenol so don’t take more of those. Good luck!

    • I’m so happy you found me through twitter as well.
      i’m glad you read my story and that it made the effect it did.
      Have an easy day:)
      and keep reading

  2. Hey Shira, I think this page was the best> You made me cry. What did Tomar say when he read it, I hoped he liked it! I pray your doing well, You as well Jaz. I going back into a flare and I hate it. I was only out of it 6 days. But your article is awesome and inspiring. I can come bqck and read and know that tomorrow he just around the hillside!!!!


  3. Bravo Shira! Your independence, determination and genuineness resonate throughout this blog. We have so many similarities except that i’m about 20 years older. For me the worst part of my Fibro is that even if I do all the techniques, treatments, advice the doctors give me, it gives minimal relief for the effort put in. This past year has been so bad that the doctors are telling me that if something feels good then do it! Even if it does not have a direct effect on the Fibro, it will help emotional and psychologically. I just wish I could control my Fibro enough to finish my Bachelor of Social work Degree. I completed all the courses before I went off and just have the course work to do but the Fibro Fog seems always to win out. Thank you for sharing your journey and many blessings to you and your family including Tomar!

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