Posted by: Shira Danin | May 23, 2010

Disability, crying and humilitation



  1. Thanks for turning the camera on yourself even though you were in tears.
    I went to a disability living allowance appeal for the lowest from of disabled benefits in the UK. i had 3 people firing questions at me, and I wasn’t allowed to look at the notes I had taken with me. I found it impossible to explain my fibromyalgia to them enough for them to understand- they simply didn’t want to know. They refered to notes throughout proceedings- which angered me- i’m the one with the disability!
    They pushed me til I cried and walked out vowing never to go back. I spent the week before and the week after very ill because of the stress of it. I feel very sad for anyone who has to go through a process like that.
    I wished I’d turned a camera on me and recorded how ill I was at the time.

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