Posted by: Shira Danin | July 17, 2010

The end of an Era and a new beginning

It’s been about 2 months since I wrote a post. I switched to a new Media – Video. I published about 2 videos per week on youtube and all my blogs (Hebrew & English). The fact that I (temporarily) switched medias made my hands feel less painful (but still full of pain J). In fact, even as I write these words, my hands hurt and are trying to signal me to let me know this current activity (writing) isn’t working for them. This is why I stop every sentence or two to rest and stretch my hands. It really makes it hard for me to focus and keep a thought in my head.

Those who follow me on Facebook know that my electric heating pillow (my BFF) shorted out and where the wires crossed there was a little explosion that blackened my dress and put a hole in it and a hole sized burn on my back. It was a pretty traumatic event during which I lost the one think that makes it easier for me to sit or lie down anywhere, my electric pillow. This is why I tried to lie down as much as possible since then, because it is really hard to sit without the heating.

For those who don’t follow me and for the record, on July 18th, 2010 I am leaving Beer Sheva (leaving the desert) after 6 wonderful and difficult years with a (theoretical) Diploma (B.A. in Management) in my hands. (Theoretical since I will receive the actual diploma only next year. I am moving to Petah Tikva (near Tel Aviv in the center of Israel) to live with Tomer and our new rented apartment.

This week I had to say goodbye to “The Southern Way” (a treatment and activity center in Beer Sheva). This is the place where, for the past 3 years, I was treated with Shiatzu, acupuncture and massages by Eyal Shani and Irena Alperovitch. I also participated in different Chi Kong (Qigong) lessons. It was really sad to say goodbye and I was even on the verge of tearing up.

This goodbye was part of a series of goodbyes from all the different caregivers and exercise lessons I participated in. In a certain aspect these goodbyes are a good sign, for the move, for a new beginning. I said goodbye to my psychologist that talked me through these past few years, my Watsu guy (heated pool treatment) Ohad Drori, and from Ben Gurion University, Finally!

I also said goodbye to my two wonderful veterinarians who took care of my 4 sweet cats, and the nurse that has been giving my B12 shots and taking my blood for the past 6 years.

Today (Saturday) after we complete the packing, we’re going to have a Bar.B.Q with the few friends that still remain in Beer Sheva, in order to close this Era with fun (and meat)!

Sunday morning, the movers are arriving and I will move in with Tomer in Petah Tikva (literally means “opening of/to hope”). I’m very excited about the move and the beginning of our life together.

I hope the fact that I have prepared emotionally and mentally for this move for a few months, will make things easier for me and help me cope calmly with the move and adjustment to a new home.

So, to conclude, Thank You Beer Sheva and Ben Gurion University for all the good, hard, funny and sad experiences that you brought into my life in the past 6 years, I wouldn’t have skipped on a single moment!
I spent most of my 20’s here, grew up a lot, my life changed from one end to the other with Fibro’s arrival into my life, and Tomer’s arrival as well. As I already said, I wouldn’t want to change anything and I wouldn’t skip a moment!

Thank you!

And for the new beginning…in the new apartment in Petah Tikva…

You’ll have to wait for the next post…



  1. Good luck with everything, Shira.

    I’ve posted this entry to Ben-Gurion University’s Facebook page, going along with your previous permission.

    Wishing you all the best of happiness and especially good health.

    ~ Maya Norton
    Dept. Donor and Associates Affairs

    • Thank you Maya!
      Good health to you as well!

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