Posted by: Shira Danin | September 15, 2010

Gym time and more frustrations

Signed up this week for the gym. Thought I could ignore fibro…but she won’t let me! and some more types of frustration!



  1. Oh my goodness….did you tell your trainer of your health condition? That is waaaay too much for a fibro fighter to endure. I suggest walking everyday that you can and also yoga type exercises. Yoga has given me the best benefit of any exercise program.

    • I did tell him about my health condition but he didn’t know much about it. he was definity interested in learning more. I did explain that it was mostly up to me to know when i’m pushing too much and find the balance…
      i was just being stupid…i’m better now..I will have to not push myself…I guess i’m not like everyone else, I have fibromyalgia!

  2. Whenever you are physically fit, active and healthy, you turn into self-confident and sense enthusiasm in your life. It is possible to even superior cope with mental illnesses like strain, anxiety, and depression.

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