Posted by: Shira Danin | February 2, 2011

Balance in exercise, closing in and the Guai Protocol

After almost a month with no video and a few days of procrastinating I finally talk to you again. This time the energy is a bit different from the previous videos. Today I talk about the need to find balance in working out, new discoveries about my communication skills and stopping the guaifenesin protocol.



  1. I’ve missed your videos. I am struggling to find balance too. I don’t know how to make my extremely hectic, busy, stress-filled job that I love with the rest of my life.

  2. Sorry the Guai protocal didn`t work out for you. I tried it too and it was not for me. I could so relate to what you said about feeling just out of place around people. With Fm/CFs, our worlds seem to get smaller and smaller. It is normal though, when you have this kind of fatigue and pain, it takes all your energy to just deal with that. And most of the time if we talk about it with other people they just say stupid, ignorant things that make us feel worse. I too wish I could find some moderate way of getting out more though. Maybe I will look around for some volenteer work. Good luck to you Shira!

    • thanks Sandy. i hope you will find something interesting to volunteer at. so good luck with that 🙂
      my world did definitely get smaller and smaller…i hope i can push back it’s boundaries a little

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