About me

My name is Shira Danin.

I was born in Jerusalem, Israel on December 30th, 1982.

I recently graduated Ben Gurion University – Bachelor ofย  Management.

While serving in the army I developed three protruding discs in my lower back.

5 years later I started my romance with Pain. Fibro Pain.

I spent the years since then learning to live with the pain.

A year after my pain started I was able to give the pain a name : Fibromyalgia.

I have a wonderful family and the best boyfriend ever.

They all support me to no end.

I wouldn’t be the same without them, nor would I be able to cope with this fibro life.



  1. Hi Shira,

    It’s nice to meet you ๐Ÿ˜‰ I found your blog through Twitter. I love your positive attitude & look forward to continue reading your posts!

    You are also welcome to swing by my blog anytime!

    (((gentle hugs)))


  2. Hello Shira…so nice to read your info…I to have FM and have had it for 20yrs now…what I liked was your positive attitude…I have a fantastic family as well especiall my hubby…he’s really the greatest..couldn’t have survived without his help. I to have a very positive attitude towards life in general and FM in particular. I love nature..enjoy it in some way each day…take pics of flowers etc. and I always stop to smell the roses, listen to the birds, notice the little bugs, leaves, snow …its all beautiful. At times didn’t think I’d make it…esp when in wheelchair for 8 yrs. But I did and will keep on making it thanks to family and Mother Nature ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. shira that s so sad but am happy you made it and am proud to be your friend.all the best in your studies and everything you do.
    ayatollah ali khamenei/sylvester

  4. I have had fibro. for 6 years I am a 33 year old mother of 2 I have tried and done everything even Guaifenesin with a Dr here in Utah that was recommended to me from a book that talks about this called What your Dr may not tell you about Fibro. I was so frustrated I also tried Lyrica then later Savella and still not great results a friend of mine 6 mo ago told me of a product she has been taking for 5 years for fibro. I wasn’t sure because I have tryed everything but I started it it is a vitamin blend drink and I drink 2-4 oz once a day and I have been symptom free I will never do with out it its called Body Balance yes I sell it now this is not about selling it to you I want as may people with fibro to take this and feel like I do I would be happy to pay for the 1st month for you this is my results after 2 weeks of taking it I lowered the meds. I was taking 3 weeks stopped all together It is not as expensive as alot of things out there its 47.50 for a months supply you can call me if you want I would love to talk to you Stacie Phillips 801-864-4366

    So grammer is not my strong suit

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