Posted by: Shira Danin | July 12, 2011

Job hunt, a story on Fibro and more

Today I’m exhausted after a long day yesterday (explanation on the video) but I’m finally making another video. Today I talk about the growing spaces between each post. I also talk a little about looking for a job and preparing for the wedding.

Tomer suggested (and I agreed) that, to help all of us with the depression and frustration that comes with fibro, I should put a funny picture or movie at the end of each video I make. So this first one is from my favorite category, funny kittens:

In case this is your first time here in my blog and you want to start from the beginning, here you can find my first video blog



  1. How did the tv spot go? I hope you found a dress that works for you. What about a job? Did anything work out?

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